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Egypt’s Transition to Renewables

Egypt’s Ambassador Motaz Zahran participated in the webinar on “Energy Transition” organized by the National U.S. – Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC). He highlighted the impact of new discoveries on the prospects for peace in the region. “Recent gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he said, “offer a dividend of peace, and also an incentive for peace. In parallel to traditional sources of energy, there is an important drive toward renewables.” That shift, he noted, “is resulting in integrated policies, integrated strategies, which tap into the new and the old. In Egypt, we’ve been targeting renewables for about 20 percent of our power generation by next year, and double that percentage – exceeding 42 percent – by 2035. This gives us the sense that by 2035, Egypt will be in the range of 50/50, of old and new.”