A copy of the original documents is requested for authentication of the documents when applied by mail or in-person

  1. Notary Public (Notary’s dry seal must be next to the signature not on a sperate paper).
  2. Authentication of the Secretary of the Local State.
  3. Authentication of the United States Department of States.

Contact Info:
600 19TH Street, NW
Washington, D. C. 20006
Telephone : 202.485.8000, 202.261.8081
Fax : 202.663.3636
Website : https://www.state.gov/m/a/auth/

     4. Then send it to the CONSULATE OF EGYPT :

Contact Info:
3521 International Court, NW
Washington, D. C. 20008
Telephone: 202.966.6342
Fax: 202.244.5131

Please include the following with your actual document :

  • One photocopy for the Consulate.
  • Fee: $ 127.00 per document.  If applying by Mail, all payments are in Cashier’s Check  Only From a US Bank payable to the Consulate of Egypt. If applying in person, you can pay by cash.

MAILED DOCUMENTS: Please ONLY provide United States Postal Service (USPS) mailers with a tracking number. Use of other mailing services are not accepted. The Consulate will not be held responsible for any loss of documents by mail.

Walked-in documents are processed in 4 business days.

Mailed-in documents are processed in 5 business days.