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As Egypt’s Ambassador, it is an honor to welcome you to the website for the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Washington, DC. It is my sincere hope that this website is a valuable and educational outlet for Egyptians and Americans alike, fostering a digital exchange that further strengthens the bond between our two proud nations. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Egyptians living in the United States. We aspire to have our website serve as a useful resource for you, as well as a virtual connection to our homeland.

The Embassy’s website is an extension of Egyptian values and heritage, a portal into our rich culture, and a testament to our enduring alliance with the United States. I am honored to contribute to the legacy of
cooperation between Egypt and the U.S. to expand prosperity, promote stability and uphold common values.

We thank each of you for taking the time to visit us and hope that our online home provides new and beneficial ways to learn more about the Embassy’s mission in the U.S. and explore Egypt’s vibrant traditions, people and national aspirations.

Motaz Zahran

Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to the United States of America

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