A copy of the original documents is requested for authentication of the documents when applied by mail or in-person

For US Documents such as US Marriage Certificate, US Divorce Decree, Employment Letter, etc…….

The Egyptian Consulate in Washington, D.C. can ONLY legalize documents issued from the States under our jurisdiction ( Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, N. Carolina, S. Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia )

For Complete information regarding the jurisdiction of the Egyptian Consulates in the USA, please visit this link: https://egyptembassy.net/consular-services/egyptian-consulate-in-us/

  1. Notary Public Stamp. (If employment letter or medical report, etc.. the Notary Public has to witness the signature of the person in charge / party who wrote the letter and the Notary’s dry seal must be next to the signature not on a separate paper)
  2. Authentication by the Secretary of your Local State (ex. If living in Florida, please send the documents to Tallahassee). Please check the National Association of Secretaries of State website for more information.

The Consulate accepts Walk-ins from Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

OR send all documents to the CONSULATE OF EGYPT on our mailing address:

Consulate of Egypt

3521 International Court, NW
Washington, D. C. 20008

Please include the following with your documents:

  • One photocopy of each document for the Consulate of Egypt.
  • Fee: $ 47.00 per document in Cashier’s Check only payable to the Consulate of Egypt. Kindly be aware we do NOT accept Personal checks or Money Orders.
  • Copy of passport (for Egyptian citizens, either copy of your Egyptian passport or Egyptian ID card).

MAILED DOCUMENTS: Please provide only Express Mail or Certified Mail (pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope for the return of the documents). The Consulate will not be held responsible for any loss of documents by mail.

Mailed-in documents are processed within 5 business days.