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Remarks by Ambassador Yasser Reda at the Opening Reception for the “Queens of Egypt Exhibition” National Geographic – March 6th 2019

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Good evening, it is indeed a pleasure for me to address this wonderful gathering as we celebrate together the opening of a unique exhibition on the ‘’Queens of Egypt”, the uniqueness of which is not only founded on the magnificent artefacts that visitors will have a chance to see, but also in the chance provided to travel through time thousands of years back and experience how it was like when “women ruled the world”. As 2019 has been called the “Year of the woman”, this exhibition’s idea gains more significance and becomes more relatable to audiences today.

Ladies  & Gentlemen,

As Egyptians, we take immense pride in being the descendants of a grand civilization that continues to capture people’s imagination all over the globe, and today’s exhibition is yet another testament to Egypt’s role as the cultural powerhouse of the Middle East, and the continuity of its message for peace to the entire world. Today’s event is also a manifestation and a strong reminder of the “Power of Culture” that has been a bridge between us and our Mediterranean neighbors in Italy, as well as our friends in the United States. This is a chance for us to come together and learn from an exemplary civilization, not just in its monumental architecture, but also in the sophistication and simplicity interwoven in every artefact, the embrace of talent and innovation, and the magical artistic depiction of beauty in every aspect of life. Nothing can be more powerful in beating the evils of extremist ideas than pure art that you will enjoy at this exhibition over the next few months.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

This exhibition shines a light on the contributions of female rulers in the ancient world. After a few days on March 8, the world celebrates the “International Women’s Day”, and on March 16 we celebrate our national day for Women in Egypt. So, please let me take this chance and ask you to applaud the outstanding achievements of women in our modern societies.

I would also like to announce that our national airline Egypt Air has opened a new Washington DC Cairo route that will start operating in June this year. I thus invite you to consider travelling to Egypt, and visiting the real valley of the queens in Luxor for an unforgettable experience, where you will enjoy our warm sun, interact with our friendly people, and indulge into the rich Egyptian cuisine.

Finally, I am grateful to National Geographic for their tremendous effort in making this idea come to life; our partnership is beyond valuable and is a true embodiment of the strong friendship between the Egyptian and the American people.

I thank you all, and wish you more delightful days and nights to come with the “Queens of Egypt” !