100 Years of Partnership
DC to Host King Tut Exhibit in Celebration of 100th Anniversary of Iconic Archaeological Discovery

It has been nearly 100 years since the tomb of King Tut – whose actual name was Tutankhamen, was first discovered in Egypt.

This summer, the National Geographic Museum will be holding a special exhibit in Washington D.C. in honor of this iconic archaeological find and will feature an in-depth look into the tomb and life of the young boy who became pharaoh over 3,000 years ago, as well as highlighting when the tomb was first found in 1922, through cinematic storytelling and high-tech projection mapping.

The discovery of King Tut’s tomb captured the world’s attention and continues to spark interest into the ancient Egyptian kingdom and civilization to this day. The exhibit is set to premiere in the nation’s capital and Boston with multiple U.S. cities to follow in the Summer, through early 2023.