Ambassador Mohammed Tawfik speaks at reception commemorating 25 January 2011 revolution


On 22 January 2015, Ambassador Tawfik spoke at an Embassy-hosted reception commemorating the 25 January 2011 revolution.

Speaking to an audience of friends and colleagues, Ambassador Tawfik’s remarks highlighted that the quest of all Egyptians for liberty, democracy, and human dignity was epitomized in Tahrir and other Egyptian squares four years ago, and that major steps have been taken after the second revolutionary wave on 30 June. The Egyptians have adopted a constitution that embodied their individual liberties, their right to equal citizenship irrespective of sex, race or religion, and above all their unique national identity. In free and fair presidential elections contested by two candidates, Egyptians overwhelmingly elected President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, heralding the beginning of a new chapter in Egypt’s modern history.With the elections for a new parliament, that will start on March 21 – including a polling stations for expatriates, the political roadmap will be fulfilled.

He shed light on the conference Egypt is organizing on March 2015to boost Egypt’s economic takeoff. Ambassador Tawfik also noted the positive steps taken by the Government of Egypt to reform the subsidy system which have enabled the government to improve social services while reducing the budget deficit and correcting imbalances in the economy. Thus, while long bread queues have become a thing of the past, the economy is widely expected to grow beyond the government’s 3.5% goal this fiscal year

Ambassador Tawfik highlighted President El Sisi’s Al-Azhar speech, which emphasized the need for a revolution in Islamic thought to deny extremists the possibility to manipulate Islamic teachings and exploit them to their sinister ends.

He referred to two presidents first meeting in New York last September; when they declared their commitment to the strategic partnership between the United States and Egypt. Since then, both sides have been redoubling their efforts to increase cooperation and push the relationship forward.

Ambassador Tawfik concluded by reiterating that despite obstacles, Egyptians will not be deterred from continuing to pursue a path that honors the courage and passion of the millions who took to the streets four years ago with a call for freedom, dignity and social justice for all Egyptians.