General Motors Hosts Dinner Commemorating Partnership With Egypt


On 27 April, General Motors (GM) hosted a dinner in honor of Egypt and their long-standing partnership. GM maintains a strong presence in Egypt, directly employing more than 1,900 people, and indirectly over 25,000 people in dealerships and supporting industries. Over the past seven years, GM has invested more than $78 million in its Egyptian operations, and at the Egyptian Economic Development Conference (EEDC) in Sharm El Sheikh, GM announced plans to invest an additional $46 million, reaffirming its commitment to Egypt.

At the celebratory dinner, Robert Ferguson, GM’s Senior Vice President of Global Public, praised the “deep and varied history of [Egypt], the strength and resiliency of Egyptians, and the promise that [Egypt] holds as it goes through such an exciting time of transformation.” Mr. Ferguson emphasized that “General Motors is proud to be part of [Egypt’s] story” and thanked Egypt and Ambassador Tawfik for the partnership: “Since our establishment in Egypt over three decades ago, we have been grateful for the spirit of cooperation that you and your government have shared. And it is with great regard that we look forward to a lasting cooperation between your government and GM.”

Those who attended the dinner also enjoyed a performance by renowned Arab-American composer Mohammed Fairouz, whose music is often inspired by Egyptian culture.