Ambassador Tawfik At National Day Celebration: The Strategic Dialogue is a culmination of innumerable efforts from both sides to put relations back on track

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Ambassador Twafik Delivers his remarks.

On Thursday, 23 July, the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt hosted an event celebrating National Day. Adorned with our national flag, the event brought together Egyptian, American and other international friends of Egypt to remember and celebrate the momentous anniversary


Ambassador Tawfik commemorated the occasion with welcoming remarks that highlighted the challenges and progress of Egypt’s modern history, and its ongoing democratic political transformation. He discussed Egypt’s strong economic gains and previewed the upcoming Suez Canal expansion, noting that the $6 billion dollar project was financed entirely by the Egyptian people over just one week. Further, he championed Egypt’s bilateral ties with the U.S. and emphasized his confidence in the continued strengthening of relations through milestones such as the Egypt-U.S. Strategic Dialogue.


Ambassador Tawfik concluded his remarks by expressing appreciation to friends and colleagues in both the Egyptian and American communities for their unwavering support for Egypt as it continues to pursue a path that honors the courage, vision and passion of those who liberated it from colonialism decades ago.




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The guests arrival

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Ambassador Tawfik with The Lebanese Consular

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The Egyptian Military Attache General Khaled Magawer

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Ambassador Tawfik With Consular Sameh Alfons (Arab League Mission)

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Our Deputy Chief of Mission with her Excellency the Libyan Ambassador

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Ambassador Tawik with Her Excellency Jordanian Ambassador

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Dr Hazem El Beblawi with our guests from the Egyptian community