Ambassador Tawfik met the Egyptian employees in IMF on November 20


On November 20, 2014, Ambassador Tawfik met with Egyptians employees of the IMF. His Excellency stressed the fact that providing care to Egyptians abroad represents one of the top priorities of Egyptian foreign policy as outlined by President El Sisi. The Ambassador explained the recent political developments in Egypt, and the government’s commitment to
completing the road map through holding the Parliamentary elections in early 2015.

The economic reforms adopted recently by the Egyptian government were thoroughly discussed including the issue of removing subsidies with unprecedented transparency and integrity. The Ambassador also discussed the subscription of Suez canal investment certificates that exceeded all the experts expectation and revealed investor trust in the political leadership, the government and the project.

As a group of highly qualified IMF experts, they welcomed the new economic and political developments in Egypt and expressed their willingness to promote and support the Egyptian economy within the IMF, the international institutions they are dealing with, and in international forums they usually attend . They expressed their interest in enhancing the communication and cooperation with the Embassy and the Egyptian Community in the US.