Status of Migrants and Refugees in Egypt Factsheet

Egypt is at the center of managing multiple crisis in the region; with the conflict in Gaza, the shipping attacks in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, and multiple refugees fleeing from Sudan, South Sudan, Libya, Syria and other conflicts in the region.

Egypt ensures that migrants and refugees are able to integrate into the Egyptian society, and that they are provided – equally as Egyptians – with the basic public services especially in health and education sectors. However, and while Egypt continues to generously welcome vulnerable migrants and refugees from different countries, there is a huge economic burden on Egypt’s economy, which adds to other existing challenges related to multiple regional conflicts and global crisis.

In order to meet those challenges, and to enhance Egypt’s capabilities to offer better living conditions to migrants and refugees, Egypt has launched The Joint Platform for Migrants and Refugees (JPMR) in November 2021, bringing together Egypt, UN agencies, development partners, civil society and other stakeholders to strengthen the efforts to assist migrants, refugees and their host communities in Egypt.

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